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Evolutionary genomics in the wild


Picture: Waitaha Gecko Dustin Lamont

Our research

We are a molecular ecology lab approaching a broad range of questions about evolution and conservation through a genomic lens. We use population genomics tools to understand the development of sex determination in Aotearoa, New Zealand, unique reptiles and transcriptomics to understand the evolution of gene expression in grasshoppers. We are also involved in a range of conservation genomics projects aiming at growing our understanding of our unique lizards, safeguarding the genetic diversity of native birds and understanding the threat to biodiversity of invasive wasps.

Interested in what we do?

We are always happy to discuss research opportunities with prospective students. I have a wide range of projects available, ranging from summer projects to PhD.

Currently, we have projects on skink sex determination, grasshopper evolution, and seabirds' diet through eDNA and parasite life histories. We are also happy to discuss other things

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Grasshopper Insect Vector
Illustration of a Rainbow