Our people

Ludovic Dutoit group leader

I have a range of research interests within evolutionary genomics.

I am using population genomics, as well as transcriptomics and eDNA to approach research questions in Ecology and Evolution. I have specific interests in understanding genomic signatures of sexual conflict, the speciation process, and the evolutionary forces shaping genomic variation both in a fundamental context and within the realm of conservation biology.

contact: ludovic.dutoit@otago.ac.nz


Sarah Walters,

PhD student

Lizard  Flat Cartoon

Sarah Walters

PhD Candidate

My doctoral work leads the way in employing genomic techniques to decode the evolutionary complexities of our indigenous gecko fauna. Building on my background in Zoology and Forensic Science, my ongoing research in evolutionary genomics satisfies both my investigative curiosity and deep passion for nature. Aotearoa presents an unparalleled opportunity for studying evolutionary processes. Focused particularly on sex determination and speciation, I hope to increase our knowledge of Aotearoa geckos while contributing to our understanding of the fundamental principles driving evolutionary dynamics.